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Welcome.......  A place to get custom decals and other things.

I offer custom decals. My specialty is Star Trek.

I can do custom names and registry numbers

for your Star Trek Models.

I can also do other genres like Star Wars, BattleStar Galactica

and others. I can also take decals you have or create and resize to

a different scale and print them for you.

I also have Paint masks and Backlit transparencies available

I can also create decals for 3d printed models that have never been produced.

Contact me for info on that service.

I'm Having Print Head Problems On My Alps Printer

I Will Be Suspending All White Printing Until Further Notice.

Decals will be printed on a Photographic Quality Laser Printer

Or on a Photographic Quality InkJet at my discretion depending on application.

Custom Name and Registry Numbers

Custom name and registry number changes.

Paint Masks

I have painting masks.

Backlit Transparencies

This is an 8x10 transparency for a base that I built.

Contact Me About Your Decal Needs

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Please send me any questions about custom decals and what I might have or can do for you.
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